XUDUAN has long adhered to the leading technology strategy and has more than 280 professional and technical personnel, including 3 leaders in the “three three three” disciplines in Jiangsu Province, including 26 senior engineers, 38 graduates or above, and more than 80 full-time R&D personnel. The product development adopts information technology such as 3D CAD, CAPP and PDM, which realizes seamless integration of data from design, process flow and processing, and fully guarantees the speed and quality of product development and manufacturing. Xuduan Technology Center was rated as provincial technology center in 2003, and was recognized as Jiangsu Provincial High Speed Digital Forging Machinery Engineering Technology Research Center in 2006; XUDUAN has a thorough technology development system and long-term good cooperation with Southeast University, China University of Mining and Technology, Nanjing University of Science and Technology and other institutions of higher learning. In 2010, Jiangsu Provincial Enterprise Academician Workstation and Postdoctoral Research Station were established upon approval. In 2013, it approved the establishment of the Jiangsu Provincial Enterprise Postgraduate Workstation and the national post-doctoral scientific research station, which strengthened the R&D strength of the company and further accelerated the adjustment speed of the company's product structure to high precision, super high speed, large scale, digitization and automation.

                        After the acquisition of German EDU in 2016, the company's research and development capabilities have been greatly improved by learning from German advanced technology and design concepts, especially in the research and development of servo and high-speed products.


                        Quality first in a century of production

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