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                        XUDUAN in METALEX2018
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                        The Thailand International Machine Tool and Metalworking Machinery Exhibition (METALEX2018) was successfully held at the Bangkok International Trade and Exhibition Center (BITEC) from November 21 to 24, 2018. This exhibition is the largest and most authoritative professional exhibition of machine tools and metal processing machinery in Southeast Asia. Nearly 50 countries including China, Thailand, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, India, Britain, Germany, Italy, USA, Taiwan and China More than 4,100 companies participated in the exhibition and enjoyed high popularity in Thailand and throughout Southeast Asia. Most of the exhibits in the international exhibition area were unveiled for the first time in the Asian market, demonstrating the research and innovation achievements in the world of machine tools, manufacturing equipment and technology.

                        During the exhibition, many guests stayed in front of the XUDUAN booth and watched the operation of the XUDUAN press and robot carefully. Some companies that produce auto parts inquire about the performance and price of press products, and whether they can provide a complete set of automated production lines. After technical exchanges, customers believe that XUDUAN is a very professional big brand company, which is very trustworthy. Thai TV station also conducted a special interview with XUDUAN Thailand agent VTM company. The video was broadcast to Thailand that night, which greatly promoted the international promotion of XUDUAN brand and the future development of the Thai market. 

                        The development strategy of “One Belt, One Road” has brought a good opportunity for XUDUAN to promote international development. The XUDUAN Group is taking advantage of development opportunities and actively expanding overseas markets, and overseas orders are climbing. The continuous breakthrough in overseas markets means that XUDUAN's high-quality, high-quality products and services have been fully affirmed by domestic and foreign users. We believe that tomorrow will be better and more embarrassing.





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